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Taz LOV2 (Black)


LOV2 is the first worldwide device, fall arrest and descender for diagonal, tight or regular ropes.

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Product Description

Imagined, designed and manufactured by and for RAT, this is the indispensable tool for any kind of work at height professional.

LOV2, is the first wordwide device,  fall arrest and descender  for diagonal or tight or regular ropes.It allows you to

  • Replace 3 devices for RAT

1°  Fall arrest device

2° Descender

3° Chest ascender switching into descender

  • For work at height, replace 2 devices when oined with LOV.ROPE

1°  Adjustable lanyard for work positioning

2° Evacuation device.

  • Progressing with fall arrest, descender or positioning on tight ropes.

Example :

In case of a fall,  hanging on his fall arrest LOV2, a technician would be able to evacuate himself  immediately, without using any kind of other system. Besides,  he will be able to descend diagonally, in order to avoid possible obstacles.

  • This worldwide innovation responds to the norms EN 12 841 type A/C et EN 358 (with LOV.ROPE).