SOTO Outdoors Regulator Lantern


Decrease in light intensity due to the cooling of the cylinder at low temperatures and continuous use is the fate of cassette gas lanterns. However, the regulator lantern shakes the common sense. Its ability to emit a stable amount of light overlaps with the low-style body design, and continues to gently illuminate the table at night. It is also characterized by the fact that micro-regulators make it difficult for nozzle clogging to occur and fine adjustment of the amount of light. In the unlikely event that the main unit falls, a large red flame (raw gas) is difficult to burn immediately *. The squirt is made of a mesh that is hard to break.

* Please note that the main body will fall over and a large red flame (raw gas) will burn up if left for a while. Do not use the product with the main unit tilted.

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  • Width 100mm x Depth 130 x Height 150mm (when used), Width 65mm x Depth 105 x Height 150mm (when stored) Body only


  • 247g (main unit only)


  • 150 lux (equivalent to 80W) when using ST-760, 150 lux (equivalent to 80W) when using ST-700


  • SOTO product container (CB can)


  • Approximately 4.5 hours (using ST-760), approximately 4.5 hours (using ST-700)


  • Piezoelectric ignition method


  • Mesh squirts, combustion tower, instrument plug knob: stainless steel, cylinder holder, ignition switch: resin


  • Exclusive storage case, 1 mantle


The cylinder is sold separately.

* Measured at a point 50cm away from the light source at 25 ° C and 3 minutes after ignition.