SOTO Outdoors Minimal Worktop


Regulator Stove ST-310 Released for users. Create your own small kitchen in the great outdoors.

The minimal worktop is a table that can be combined with the popular regulator stove ST-310 to create your own compact kitchen anytime, anywhere.

Because it is lightweight and can be stored thinly, it is an item that SOTO recommends as the minimum necessary gear in camping even for solo campers and camping beginners.

In the assembled state, one part of the grounding part may float about 1 to 2 mm from the ground, but there is no problem in use.

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  • Width 376 mm x Depth 153 x Height 95 mm (deployed)
  • Width 300 mm x Depth 153 x Height 33 mm (stored)


  • about 600g


  • Aluminium(top board, stand), stainless steel (top plate, stand)