Singing Rock Reactor 3 (W43*)

Shock absorber with a lanyard I, Y, Y with eyes or Y with rings

Product Features

  • Parts exposed to abrasion covered with a tubular webbing
  • Shock absorber covered with a textile sheath
  • Shock absorber can be easily taken out and dried
  • Methodical and identification label is placed inside the textile cover
  • Light alloy ring or textile eye enables to shorten a webbing in half
  • Different webbing lengths are produced on customer’s demand (maximum length including connectors and shock the absorber cannot extend 2 m)
  • Carabiners can be fixed by a plastic holder which also protects webbing against wearing trough
  • Possibility to stitch-in a connector (EN 362)
  • Length of completely ripped out fall absorber 140 cm

Product Details

  • Strength: min. 15 kN