Singing Rock Easy Lift (K0004BB)

Rescue pulley for progression and evacuation along ski lift cable


Product Features

  • To be connected directly to the carrying cable of ski lift
  • Intended for evacuation of person during rescue action
  • Rescue equipment – it is not considered as personal protective equipment and doesn`t require CE certification
  • For better traceability and inspection this part is marked with the unique number

Product Details

  • Color: black matt
  • Weight: 1420 g • 50 oz
  • Material: body – Al alloy, latch – stainless steel, sheave – PA
  • Strength: 30 kN
  • Max. diameter of rope: (steel cable) 55 mm
  • Bearing: rolling
  • Working load: 5 kN


  • never use pulley alone – always use together with back-up lanyard
  • never use without braking rope