Singing Rock Colt 16 Wire (6 Pack)


Six lightweight full-size quickdraws engineered to be equally used for trad, alpine and ice climbing at advantageous price

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Product Features

  • Full-size hot forged top and bottom carabiners with wire gates
  • Wire gates eliminate gate flutter and freezing up in winter conditions
  • Hooded nose for smooth clipping and unclipping
  • Bottom carabiner equipped with a rubber O-ring to hold the carabiner in the correct position and to facilitate clipping the rope
  • Durable 16 mm polyamide webbing
  • Each carabiner is individually tested for the strength 10 kN

Product Details

  • Weight: 83 g (2.9 oz)
  • Material: light alloy, polyamide
  • Strength: sling: 22 kN, carabiners: 26-8-11 kN
  • Width: sling: 16 mm
  • Length: sling: 11 cm (4.3 in)
  • Gate opening (d): 22 mm