Singing Rock Buddy Set


Light and compact BUDDY tube and BORA GP HMS screw gate, Keylock carabiner with a safety wire gate together create superb unit for belaying in gyms, walls, rock and on mountains. Simply anywhere!

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Product Features

  • Safety wire gate keeps the carabiner in its proper orientation
  • Easy manipulation with the rope
  • Safe double rope usage
  • Easy speed regulation
  • Lightweight
  • Effectively dissipates heat
  • Provides silky smooth rappel
  • Separates strands of rope
  • For use with ropes of diameter 7.8 – 11 mm

Product Details

  • Color: yellow/grey
  • Weight: 119 g • 4.2 oz (total)
  • Material: light-alloy
  • Strength: tube 25 kN, carabiner 23 kN