SafeTech w/ Lightning Hook GT

Engineered with our durable Technora sheath, and high performance nylon cores, SafeTech is the ultimate escape rope. SafeTech’s sheath is resistant to high heat, chemicals and cutting, while the core provides strength, gear compatibility and better elongation to reduce anchor loads. When combined with the Lightning GT, the SafeTech Escape System creates a versatile, exceptionally easy-to-use system for rapid egress.


  • Heat Resistant sheath to 932 deg F
  • Technora sheath offers the best heat resistance for repeated exposures to high temperatures
  • Nylon core provides a small amount of elongation when a bailout is needed
  • Designed to yield a firm hand to stay round over edges and work smoothly through gear
  • Round construction is easy to handle and locate with gloved hands
  • Technora provides the highest level of abrasion resistance compared to other high tenacity fibers
  • Certified to NFPA 1983:2012



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