POST GENERAL Waterproof Bag Pack 3


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A waterproof bag that is convenient as a gadget item for living, traveling, and playing. Originally, as the name suggests, it is a storage bag that protects mobile accessories that you do not want to get wet from moisture, but we propose it as an accessory storage that can be used in various life scenes such as daily life, travel destinations, and outdoor play. It is completely waterproof by simply folding the mouth of the bag three times and fastening it with Velcro. The Small size is a set of 3 that is nice for storing banknotes, medicines, smartphones, etc. in the outdoor scene. * Cannot be used underwater such as diving or swimming pool.


  • Keep away from fire appliances and high temperature objects. It may cause a fire or deterioration of this product.
  • Unreasonable stuffing or sharp objects may cause damage.
  • Cannot be used for diving where water pressure is applied.


Size: Width 125mm * Height 180mm

Materials: PVC, Nylon