POST GENERAL The Platform Ladder


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A platform type ladder that is convenient for securing a foothold for work.
Not only can it be used as a scaffold for car washing and DIY work, but it can also be used in a variety of situations, such as as a table or bench for outdoor activities, or as a stand for a water jug.
It comes in two colors: an all-black anodized aluminum finish and an olive-colored accent painted leg.
Use it as a center table in the interior scene, customize stickers, and enjoy how to use it beyond conventional uses depending on the user’s idea.


  • Install on a flat, stable, non-slip surface.
  • After installation, check that there is no rattling.
  • Do not go up or down with your back to the scaffold.
  • Do not lean over the scaffold.
  • Be careful not to pinch your hands or fingers when folding.
  • Do not ride in slippery shoes.
  • Please do not ride with two or more people at the same time.
  • Do not leave it wet for a long time. Doing so may cause corrosion.


Size: width 1250 mm * depth 420 mm * height 530 mm
Folding size: width 970 mm * depth 420 mm * height 150 mm
Top plate size: width 945 mm * depth 300 mm (with stand)
Load: 120kg
Material: Aluminium