POST GENERAL Brass Paper Hanger


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Paper holder made of unpainted brass. We put it in a special bag that can be carried around, keeping the charm of brass that becomes more delicious as you use it, and also for practical use in the camping scene. It is a simple design that is useful for camping scenes and everyday use. It is a convenient item that makes the paper self-supporting just by hooking it on the hook.

The Small size is a size that allows commercially available toilet paper to hang.
The Large size is a feeling of size that kitchen paper can hang.

  • The hanger body has an unpainted finish, so it can be blackened. Please enjoy the secular variation.
  • Brass is soft and easily deformed, so it may be deformed when a strong force is applied. Be careful when hanging heavy objects.



SIZE: We can handle from general size to thick-rolled toilet paper. (Width 114-165 mm, diameter 140 mm or less.)
Bag W110 x H200
MATERIAL: Brass, cotton, polyester, steel


SIZE: We can handle from general size to large size kitchen paper made overseas. (Width 230-300 mm, diameter 140 mm or less.)
Bag W160 x H290 mm