New England Ropes Glider 10.5mm x 200m (Camo)

Glider features a unique twill cover structure, the so-called Twill Pattern Technology™ (TPT). TPT results in a smoother cover which, by reducing drag, literally zips through the belay device. The difference between the structure of Glider and other climbing ropes is its suppleness in terms of feel and grip. Glider comes in different diameters and colors, including bi-pattern and the Digi-Camo camouflage color model developed specifically for the U.S. Armed Forces.

Twill Pattern Technology (TPT)
Smoother cover that glides through protection
Supple feel
Easy clips

Core: Nylon
Cover: Nylon
Standard: EN 892, UIAA 101
Braid: 48


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