Natal Design LX Chair


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A folding chair designed in Japan in the 1980s and permanently stored in “MoMA (Museum of Modern Art)” at that time. If you lift the tape on the armrest part up, you can carry it on your shoulder and move it easily, and if you take it down as it is, it will automatically unfold and you can sit immediately without assembling.

It was named LX CHAIR because the seating surface shape seen from the side is the letter L and the legs are the X structure.
The sitting comfort and the holding feeling of the seat surface are more stable than it looks. This time, this CHAIR is an item that uses NATAL DESIGN original 1000D nylon.

It is a special collaboration chair with BALLISTICS. It is the folding chair that was designed in Japan in the 1980s and had stored in the “MoMA (Museum of Modern Art)” permanently.
We use the Natal Design original 1000D nylon for the fabric.

You do not need any skills for assembling. You just open the seat when you sit, and then when you carry it, you just lift the tape on the armrest part up. You will sit slightly more than you expect.

SIZE: One size
( Using At)
W68cm × D49cm × H48cm SH40cm
* SH: Seat Height

(Storage size)
D12cm × H73cm
* D: dIAMETER (diameter)