ISC LH-ALF Material Handling Pulley (One Way Locking) (RP433A)

The LH-ALF has been designed for material handling (not recommended for use with people). The LH-ALF has brake pawls on one side only which means that there is no restriction on hauling speed/movement (on the normal two-way locking R-ALF device, unintentional locking can occur when hauling too quickly).

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The one-way locking LH-ALF is therefore ideal in a setting where a user needs to haul quickly, such as when unloading materials from a supply vessel at an offshore wind turbine.

The LH-ALF can be used in a 2:1 hauling system (SWL 250kg).

Rope diameter range (mm): 11
Number of persons: n/a
Finish: Anodised
Colour: Grey
May be serviced: Yes
Weight (grams): 1236