FrictionLabs Secret Stuff


Secret Stuff is FrictionLabs answer to liquid chalk. Rub a small amount on your hands, let dry, and a perfect layer of the highest purity Magnesium Carbonate magically appears.

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Why use Secret Stuff instead of other chalk options?

Secret Stuff will naturally cleanse and disinfect your hands, killing bacteria and getting rid of gunk and grime that builds up over the course of your normal day and during activity. This unique cream will deliver chalk deep into the texture of your hands – as soon as you use it, you’ll see how well it gets into every nook and cranny.

Use it as a total chalk replacement, base layer, or as a mid-session refresher. Chemically, it doesn’t matter – however, when you choose to use Secret Stuff, you can be sure you’re getting the highest quality, cleanest and longest lasting chalk anywhere.

How long will it last?

A single 75ml bottle of Secret Stuff will last at least 100 uses.

Does Secret Stuff comes in different blends/types/flavours/animals?

Yes, alcohol free Secret Stuff is now available.

Designed to help you consistently climb at your limit, FrictionLabs chalk is made for climbers, by climbers.

This is not the same old white-labeled generic chalk climbers are used to. Responsibly refined in Denver, CO USA and stripped of all unnecessary fillers, FrictionLabs chalk gives you unrivaled moisture absorption and skin health. Like a high performance climbing shoe, FrictionLabs’ high purity Magnesium Carbonate makes a single application far more efficient, giving you the extra edge to focus on sending not slipping.

#chalkmatters, and we’ve helped thousands of climbers, from new climbers to FrictionLabs Pros finally find a chalk they can rely on, on every move. Never chalk up mid-crux again!