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Antworks Climbing Burger


The burger is mainly targeting climbing training, but it can be perfectly integrated into CrossFit. Anyone who has trained with Ninja warrior, also has a strong training tool with the burger at hand.

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Large spheres can’t be made as a whole, not even by the almighty Antworks CNC milling machine, therefore the shape has to be halved and if there are two halves, then the gap in between was adapted to be used as a handle grip. Also, with two halves the radii can be different. If it has to be milled, rather than wood turned, then the shape doesn’t need to be rotationally symmetrical. The result is a tool with an almost infinite amount of training options. One thing at a time though!

The surfaces of both lime wood shells have two different radii for an intensive sloper training. The “thicker” shell also has four concave surfaces, that act as a steep sloper simulation. The two halves are separated by a 26mm strong, black soft wood plate and in between the gap there are grip possibilities, from the comfortable handle to the teeny weeny bar.

The burger isn’t mounted to the wall, but has to hang freely. It is quick and easy to adjust the height with just a few hand movements. It is possible to simulate vertical cracks as well, for this the burger has to be hung in both eyelets simultaneously. As mentioned above, the burger offers a sheer mass of training possibilities, from strength, balance and coordination, it can be used for it all.

Product Details

  • Height: 34cm
  • Width: 34cm
  • Depth: 28cm
  • Weight: 8.6Kg