And Wander District Vision x And Wander SS T-Shirt


This is a collaboration item between District Vision and And Wander. District Vision is a New York performance eyewear label founded in 2015 by college classmates Tom Daly and Max Vallot.
And Wander is promoting manufacturing with two philosophies: respect for Japan’s advanced sports engineering and the importance of a well-balanced lifestyle.
The artwork for this collaboration is by Filip Pagowski, a graphic artist based in New York, who imagines Japanese meditation and expresses how to be physically and mentally healthy outdoors.

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TOM and MAX, who have been involved in PR for various brands in New York, started in 2013 as eyewear brands that can be used from sports such as running to daily use.
Wear development will start a few years later to improve performance for athletes such as city, trail running, yoga and meditation.
Mindfulness (mental health) is one of the brand concepts, and we also propose physical activity, meditation and yoga as part of our brand activities.

Keita Ikeuchi, Mihoko Mori The brand started in the spring and summer of 2011.
They are developing items that are useful in the outdoor field.
Taking advantage of my outdoor experience and ideas, I make
items by repeating tests.
On weekends, I will come to the mountains to try out new items.


100% Cotton


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