Beyond US Made, we’re Northwest by Nature

At its core, Swift Industries is a bicycle bag company in Seattle, Washington. Our products are designed and manufactured in Washington State. We love bicycles, chase adventure, and have deep admiration for high quality craftsmanship.

We started in 2008: two kids with a sewing machine, some chicken scratch sketches, and an insatiable obsession with bicycles. With our basement as a workshop and Cascadia as our backyard, Swift Industries was born. In the beginning we really roughed it—we were dirtbag adventurers and our company was homespun, vibrant, and delightfully unconventional. As cyclists around the world have caught wind of Swift Industries we’ve loved navigating slow-growth, bringing in a team of amazing seamstresses, and working long, hard hours to get people travelling by bicycle.

Since day one we’ve strived to make stellar bags and keep it US-MADE. As we’ve grown, everyone at Swift has committed to rethinking the way gear is designed and produced in the United States. Each custom product is made from start to finish by one of our accomplished seamstresses, a company trademark that is nearly extinct in modern manufacturing.

We learned to sew because it’s dynamic and compelling work. We give textile dimension, transforming flat and lifeless materials into tough, functional, beautiful adventure bags.

Your adventure bag.

We figure that the best way to make the bags we dream about is to chase the open road. As gear makers, an ulterior motive lies in each adventure we head out on: it’s a quest to make better and better bicycle bags.

Wanderlust influences more than the durability and function of our designs. The whole big picture at Swift Industries is shaped by our experiences on the open road.

On a tour down the Pacific Coast ten years ago, we drafted what we thought was our traveller’s edict and has turned out to be the tenets of our working philosophy.