Helinox is the bright new star on the outdoor adventure equipment scene – but this star has a long and highly respected history.
For more than twenty years, DAC technology has made possible outdoor adventure equipment that is stronger, lighter and more functional. The DAC name will be seen wherever the strongest and lightest weight alloy is required. Your ultra lightweight tent will have DAC poles (if it doesn’t, you should consider another tent).
The expertise gathered while making good things better is now applied to taking outdoor adventure equipment to an entirely new level of strength, function and light weight quality – the Helinox standard.
Helinox innovations reflect design input from hundreds of the world’s most active and experienced outdoor adventurers refined by the brightest and most experienced engineers and designers in the business.
A new manufacturing/research facility has been created to meet the challenge. It is the most technically advanced specialist facility in the world.
Most importantly, Helinox is a group of people who love nature, care for nature and enjoy the outdoors – just like you. The Helinox team feels part of your adventures. They like to hear from you. Please contact Helinox and share your ideas – how things could be improved or a new concept. Helinox are the innovators – they love new ideas!