On the Nose by QX

On the Nose, A photo sharing session and personal account of the climb on The Nose on El Capitan. Arguably the most famous big wall route in the world which took Warren Harding 47days to put up.

6 years after Kelly and I climbed it, we have a 3rd Singaporean ascent on El Capitan via The Nose. Lien is my superior back in the Commando days and well known to a duper fit guy. Every man who served under him, raced with him or climbed with him would know he is larger than life.
After summiting K2 and Everest, he found himself a new challenge in the vertical world, big wall climbing. Listen to his side of the story and how we tackle this climb with a short notice and the training leading up to it.
We hope to inspire more climbers in Singapore to get out here and live a vertical life!

Seng Teong

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