Long riding in Mongolia

Join us for an evening with Pyn and Silvia from Always Wandering where
they will be sharing their latest adventure. Horse riding, unguided
through Tavan Bogd, a National Park in West Mongolia bordering with China.

They will be sharing their experience with videos and photos tribulating
their trials, errors and enjoyment of long riding with their family of
animals; two horses, a camel and a dog.

Who Are We
Always Wandering is an adventure travel blog run by Pyn and Silvia. After
spending three years working in Singapore they departed six months ago to
begin a new adventure. Starting with three months of rock climbing across
Thailand, Laos and China they have since been in Mongolia and then two
horse riding trips in Khosvgol Lake and Tavan Bogd National Park,
Mongolia. Learn more about us at www.always-wandering.com

Seng Teong

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