Your garments and gears are designed to provide
exceptional weather protection and breathability.
Give them Routine care and maintenance to
ensure optimum performance!

Product Care
Washing instructions are usually printed on a white tag inside garments and packs. Following these instructions will ensure the long life span of your clothing. In general, washing in cold or warm water with pure/mild soap and air drying are the best ways

How do I wash my Gore-Tex® jacket?
Be sure to zip all zippers before you wash your jacket. You can wash your Gore-tex in washing machine, warm (not hot) water on gentle cycle. Please use pure soap (which is best) or a mild powder detergent. Do not use Liquid detergents. For optimum performance, you may also need to re-apply the DWR (durable water repellant) finish on your water-repellant garment from time to time. Do not dry clean or store when wet.

How do I care for the DWR (durable water repellent) finish on my garments?

All of our shells are treated with a DWR (durable water repellent) finish that keeps the outer fabric from becoming saturated with moisture so that the breathable barrier can do its job. Over time, the DWR gets worn away, most common in areas of abrasion such as the sleeves and shoulders of a jacket, or the seat and knees of pants. This coating needs to be replenished approximately once per season, or more often if the piece gets a lot of use or washing. If water is no longer beading up on your shell, it is time to reproof.

To retreat your garment, use one of the widely available spray-on or wash-in DWR treatments for waterproof/breathable garments such as Grangers (Recommended by W.L. Gore® & Associates). Wash-in treatments tend to be less effective than the spray treatments. Often, simply washing the garment, rinsing thoroughly and tumble-drying at a moderate heat for 30-40 minutes can revive the DWR. The heat application is an important element in activating the DWR properties of the treatment, and most of the treatments listed above recommend that some form of heat be applied to the garment after it is treated. Once you have successfully cleaned and refinished your shell, it should work as new again.

How do I Care For My Fleece Garment
Machine wash in lukewarm water and tumble dry at a low temperature. Do not bleach; avoid use of fabric softeners, do not iron or dry clean. For best results, launder garment with like colors.

How Do I Wash My Pack?
The best way to wash your pack is simply with water. You can either rub the dirt off with your hands or else you can scrub the pack with a soft brush. You should be able to get most of the dirt off this way. If you feel that you need to use soap, use a mild or pure soap and rinse the pack thoroughly to remove any residue. Hang it to dry (don’t use a dryer or any other source of heat). If you hang the pack outside, leave it in the shade. It should dry overnight, but it might take longer depending on the climate.

Stain Removal
To get gum or sap out of a garment, first freeze the sap with some ice, and then use a dull butter knife to scrape off as much as you can. Soak the garment in a water/white vinegar solution, and then throw it into the laundry with warm water with mild powder laundry detergent.

To get grease out of a Gore-Tex you should dampen the stain and rub in dishwashing detergent. You can then launder the jacket in warm water with pure soap or mild powder laundry soap. If the stain persists, sponge it with a safe cleaning fluid or mineral spirits; both can be found at a grocery store. If cleaning fluid or mineral spirits are used DWR will need to be reapplied.