Marmot Nano Jacket Men
Lightweight waterproof and breathable fabric.
Marmot Precip Jacket '09 Men
Top value storm protection that's light, compressible and easy to take with you anywhere, whether hiking, biking or wandering around town.
Marmot Warmlight Jacket (Men) - Bright Navy
The Warmlight\'s 200 wt. fleece makes a nice balance of warmth and weight, while its fit and design make it wearable anywhere.

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At Campers' Corner, we have an extensive range of products to suit most type of travellers and travelling needs. Whether you are going for an expedition or a relaxing holiday, we have a good selection of fleece jackets, breathable waterproof jackets and down jackets that allows you the versatility of layering them on in different kinds of weather and climate. In addition, we have well fitting footwear like trekking boots, and trekking poles, as well as various other outdoor camping gear, hiking gear, ski gear and complimentary travel accessories for your getaway. Essentially, we have got you covered from head to toe!.

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At Campers' Corner, we always take supreme care in choosing our product range. As a prominent and leading outdoor / camping shop in Singapore, we understand your need for safety on the road. To bring you the very best equipment there is, we never compromise on our product quality.

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